Day Program Team Lead - Sullivan County

Day Program Team Lead - Sullivan County Facility (Sullivan, IN)

Status: Full-Time

Programming Duties:

• Ensure active treatment and programming is offered throughout program hours by providing programming schedules based on client desires and identified curriculums and work opportunities;

• Manage flow of day to day program activities;

• Demonstrate positive leadership, DSI values, positive attitude and professional communication at all times;

• Promote teamwork and flexibility;

• Promote and lead organization and cleanliness of program area


• Assist with training of new team members;

• Communicate needed supplies for provision of programming;

• Review tracking (behavior tracking, paid work/attendance tracking prior to submitting to Program Manager);

• Ensure client reports and documents are routed to the manager within identified time frames;

• Communicate concerns with direct supervisor (PM) in a timely manner;

• Provide direction to the other staff in the program - not supervise. Report concerns related to staff to the Program Manager.


• Must have a high school diploma or equivalent;

• Must have a valid driver's license;

• Must have a safe driving record

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