Maintenance Technician - Washington, IN

JOB TITLE: Maintenance Technician-(WEST)

STATUS: Full-time

SUMMARY: Indoor and outdoor maintenance of property & equipment; minor repairs & renovations to facilities & equipment; pick up & delivery of supplies, equipment, furniture & appliances. Keep appropriate records of equipment maintenance & use. Maintain safety standards.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Maintenance Technician should possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. Should have a reasonable capability to perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks, including carpentry, plumbing, and simple electrical repairs as well as the ability to perform basic diagnostics on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. The position requires lifting and manipulation of heavy and cumbersome objects such as large appliances, furniture or equipment. The work environment is both indoors and outdoors. Exposure to dirt, grease, unsanitary conditions, and noxious fumes from paints or chemicals are not unusual. The technician will be required to assist the maintenance team with seasonal grounds work such as mowing, landscaping, and snow and/or ice removal. The technician will be required to work weekends, and/or nights on an “on call” basis for emergency.

Apply by 4/15/2019

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