Pre-ETS Teacher - Lyons, IN

JOB TITLE: Pre-ETS Teacher

LOCATION: Greene County

STATUS: Full Time

SUMMARY: The Employment Consultant- specializing in transition services works in various schools, working directly with students 14-22 to provide Pre Employment Transition Services (PETS) to support students in gaining employment skills. These services are designed to help prepare students for work and the world after High School.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Maintains professional conduct at all times.

1. Presents with a positive attitude in all daily relations with students, staff, team members and members of the general public.

2. Maintains open and honest communication while performing duties.

3. Knows, upholds and supports the agency policies, procedures, and philosophy.

4. Prepares and provides information as needed for student meetings or as requested by agency leadership.

5. Participates as an active member of all assigned agency, school and community teams and meetings.

6. Fosters intra-agency communication and collaboration and cooperates with other service providers to provide for coordination of student services.

7. Assumes responsibility and accountability for own decisions and actions.

8. Serves as a role model for students and co-workers.

2. Provides for the health, safety and well-being of students.

1. Establishes rapport with assigned students and provides person centered services.

2. Relates all pertinent information concerning students’ health, behavior, program, etc. to appropriate staff, following all confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines.

3. Maintains knowledge of student rights and protects those rights in all situations and at all times.

4. Adheres to policies related to boundaries with students and attends required abuse risk management training.

5. Reports suspicious and inappropriate behaviors and follows all mandated abuse reporting requirements.

6. Ensures students are properly signed in and signed out.

3. Ensures high quality student-centered service delivery.

1. Provides support and advocacy to assigned individuals in a manner that recognizes each person’s uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination.

2. Provides initial assessments of skills, interests and needs of students referred to Pre Employment Transition Services.

3. Complete intakes including all information needed by both Vocational Rehabilitation and providers.

4. Work with students, teachers and families to develop a plan of needed services, including any of the following:

    • Career Counseling and job exploration
    • Work Experiences
    • Counseling on Post-Secondary education
    • Workplace Readiness Training
    • Instruction in Self-Advocacy

5. Develop a plan for implementation of services, including classroom, group and one on one service.

6. Develops, implements and evaluates goals and objectives related to PETS.

7. Attends, chairs, and participates in case conferences and reviews for students on caseload.

4. Enhances students’ ability to lead self-determined lives.

1. Provides the support and information necessary to build students’ self-esteem and assertiveness.

2. Provides opportunities for students to be self-directed by increasing awareness of self-advocacy methods and techniques.

3. Encourages and assists students to speak on their own behalf and provides information on peer support and self-advocacy groups.

5. Ensures timely and appropriate completion and submission of required documentation and paperwork consistent with agency policies, including, but not limited to: intake paperwork, progress on goals and objectives, daily logs, incident reports, critical functions checklist, medication logs, seizure logs, behavioral logs, payroll records, mileage logs, purchase requisitions and daily schedules. Maintains accurate facility and student records following established guidelines.

Working Conditions:

1. Works a flexible schedule in a broad variety of settings.

2. Must be willing to work beyond scheduled hours during emergency and/or bad weather conditions.

3. Transports clients in agency and/or personal vehicle on a daily basis.

4. Car availability is required. Must maintain vehicle insurance for personal vehicle used for work purposes.

5. Must immediately report to Human Resources any change in driving or criminal record.


6. A Bachelor's degree in a related field with two years experience in training persons with disabilities, or an equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience will be considered. Experience in a variety of job settings is preferred.

7. Possession of a valid United States driver’s license and eligibility for coverage with agency’s insurer. Must be able to travel independently on a daily basis.

8. Ability to pass all core training classes and skills tests.

9. Exceptional communication skills (oral and written) required. Ability to actively listen, build trust and adapt communication style and tactics to fit the audience.

10. Ability to make immediate sound decisions when faced with difficult situations.

11. Exceptional ability to work both independently and collaboratively in team settings.

12. Ability to follow written program plans including behavior intervention plans. Must be able to accurately receive and report information.

13. Ability to be non-judgmental and to establish and maintain personal/programmatic boundaries while providing supportive services.

14. Exceptional organizational skills, time management skills, and detail orientation required.

15. Must possess strong computer skills including experience with internet, Word, Excel, and Outlook.  

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