Professional Fitness Consultant - Columbus, IN

JOB TITLE: Professional Fitness Consultant (Columbus, IN)

STATUS: Part Time

SUMMARY: Direct Service/Day Program Instruction, fitness/physical wellness activities planning and implementation, support adults with disabilities in achieving physical wellness goals


  • • Ensure confidentiality of client information at all times
  • • Communicate as necessary with all appropriate client support staff related to client’s programming
  • • Comply with all pertinent regulations and standards
  • • Serve as role model to clients
  • • Follow safety and emergency guidelines as established by the program
  • • Report work-concurrent accidents, and/or injuries and handle in appropriate manner with proper documentation completed
  • • Ability to work with varied population
  • • Use resources provided to aid in development of wellness curriculum activities
  • • Facilitate curriculum-based instruction and guidance in client journeys for physical wellness through fitness activities such as yoga, dance, cardio workouts, and/or strength training
  • • Demonstrate skills and support individuals’ personal fitness development
  • • Support individuals to set personal fitness goals and help them identify their personal successes
  • • Assist individuals in identifying healthy lifestyle choices that contribute to overall physical wellness
  • • Help individuals build confidence through the skills they develop
  • • Complete daily summary of professional services provided and outcomes

QUALIFICATIONS: Education and/or equivalent experience preferred.

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