First Steps

Through First Steps, DSI provides early intervention, therapy, family support, and networking for infants and toddlers who are at-risk or face developmental challenges. DSI understands the fears, misconceptions, and uncertainties families often face when trying to find the most effective supports and services for their children. DSI works with parents to establish the most effective early intervention plan that yields a solid foundation for learning and physical development for their children.


(Reaching Every Adult and Child's Home)

REACH offers in-home and community-based services and education for children and adults with disabilities to give families and providers a break from the considerable responsibilities involved in the care of their loved ones. REACH offers activities and experiences that educate and enlighten individuals and helps them live more independently and fulfilled.

Music Therapy

Through music therapy sessions, individuals with disabilities can improve their physical skills and coordination, as well as their ability to communicate and express emotions.

Group Homes

DSI group homes blend into community neighborhoods and serve between five and eight individuals with disabilities. Residents develop daily living skills that may help them move on to more independent living situations.

Behavior Management

This service offers functional behavior assessments and support plans as well as social skills training. Behavior Management also provides training for client staff, family and caregivers and 24-hour emergency services.

Supported Living

Supported living means people with disabilities live where and with whom they want, for as long as they want, with the ongoing support needed to sustain that choice. DSI understands that each individual is unique and therefore designs its Supported Living program to meet individual goals. As goals change, the level and type of support can also be changed to best match the resident's needs. This client priority-based approach helps ensure that residents are fulfilled and happy in their living situations.


This service offers vocational assessment, training and support to ensure individual task completion. Pre-Vocational services also emphasize problem solving, safety and adjusting to the various challenges of the work place.

Employment Services

Driven by client choice, Employment Service staff complete a job analysis for every potential employee to determine the requirements of the job and the employer's needs. Follow-along staff ensures the smoothly transition of the job match by working directly with the new employee and the employer.

Personal Enhancement Program (PEP)

PEP is an alternative program opportunity for individuals who desire meaningful day activities. These can include community and facility-based habilitation which focus on basic life skills and opportunities for recreation.

Community and Facility Based Habilitation

DSI's Habilitation services are designed to promote health, welfare and the maximum potential of individuals. This includes developing social behaviors, interpersonal skills and cognitive skills such as handling emergencies, managing money and solving problems. DSI clients can also take advantage of recreation and leisure time to discover new interests. Other benefits include enhanced physical and mental health, training in assertiveness and accessing other programs and resources in the community.

Education & Enrichment

The E & E service model provides the platform and resources for clients of DSI to explore talents and interests such as fine art, cooking, computer literacy, wellness, recreation and gardening. Other E & E benefits include greater community integration, team building, enhanced social and physical development and a sense of pride.


(Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987)

The goal of OBRA is to help residents maintain their highest level of fulfillment in the community in the least restrictive environment possible. Through OBRA, DSI offers individualized community-based services that allow nursing home residents of any age to take part in activities that will help them live healthier and happier lives.

After Hours

DSI offers after-hour and creative learning and recreational opportunities to give clients avenues to express themselves, learn a craft, participate in wellness and exercise programs, and have fun.