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OUR MISSION: To provide services and supports to people with barriers to attain self-direction, inclusion, personal fulfillment, and productivity in all life areas.

Day Services

DSI offers a number of Day Programs to individuals with special challenges


DSI provides a variety of pre-vocational services designed to assist people with disabilities develop and improve work skills and work attitudes. Many individuals who have never worked before or who have had unsuccessful employment experiences find additional work training, experience and support to be valuable in making successful community based employment a reality.

Individuals recieve a Vocational Assessment through a variety of work sample testing, and situational assessment on various jobs. As a result, vocational strengths and needs are determined which assist in planning the training a person needs. Pre-vocational and vocational planning is person-centered, and focuses on the individuals personal goals, preferences and interests.

Activities are then developed that will prepare an individual for employment. These services include support and training for behaviors related to following directions, attending to task, task completion, problem solving, safety and assisting the person to adjust to the productive and social relationship demands of a work place.

Private Pay is an Option