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OUR MISSION: To provide services and supports to people with barriers to attain self-direction, inclusion, personal fulfillment, and productivity in all life areas.

Physical Therapy in Columbus, IN

Developmental Services Inc. provides physical therapy to help individuals improve mobility and core strength, reach a better quality of life, or return their original level of strength. Our ultimate goal is to guide patients to independence.

Physical Therapy

Our staff undergoes rigorous training, and our therapists can develop physical therapy routines and regimens to improve the quality of life of individuals with a variety of disabilities. After an evaluation, our therapists will discuss daily activities and symptoms to develop the most effective physical therapy routine. With regular practice, our physical therapy services can restore physical function and fitness level, relieve pain, make daily activities easier, and aid recovery after surgery. Our goals are to increase flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance, and strength. We can help with the following conditions:

Recovery and Prevention

Some physical therapy regimens focus on recovery from muscle and brain injuries. By increasing mobility, the body also receives vital stimulation to soft tissue and joints, which can reduce pain and even prevent it from returning. Other times, the goal of physical therapy is to avoid a major surgery, especially for sports related injuries. In special cases like victims of stroke, recovery involves regaining balance and strength to certain weakened limbic functions.

Even if you aren't a licensed therapist involved in the above services, you can still contribute by volunteering for DSI.