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OUR MISSION: To provide services and supports to people with barriers to attain self-direction, inclusion, personal fulfillment, and productivity in all life areas.


Supported Living

Home Is Where the Heart Is

To DSI Supported Living means people with disabilities live where and with whom they want, for as long as they want, with the ongoing support needed to sustain that choice.

DSI understands that each individual is unique and therefore taylors its Supported Living program to meet individual goals. As goals change the level and type of support can also be changed to best match the resident's needs. This consumer-priority based approach helps ensure residents are fulfilled with their living situations.

DSI's Supported Living Program assists residents in one, two, or three person living situations to help them achieve the highest level of independence possible. Individuals refine their daily living skills such as cooking, clothing care, housekeeping, and money management. Supported living also provides opportunities for participation in recreational, social and learning experiences in the community.

Direct support services can be provided by professional staff, friends, families, and other "informal supports" to help residents live in their homes.

Day Services: (Family Supports Waiver, Community Integration, and Habilitation Waiver) Services outside of an individual's home that support, in general, learning and assistance in any of the following areas: self-care, receptive and expressive language, learning, mobility, self-direction and capacity for independent living, including development of employment skills. These activities are directly related to the Individualized Support Plan (ISP). Each individual receiving Day Services works toward acquiring the skills to become an active member of the community. The continuum of services with Day Services provides opportunities in the community based services to become more independent and more integrated within the community. Day Services can be delivered to an individual one-on-one or in a group setting and in the community, work setting. (This service includes the previously offered Waiver services: Community Habilitations and Participation, Pre-Vocational Services, Supported Employment Follow Along Services, Transportation).


Private Pay is an Option