Careers at DSI

Working at DSI

Are you interested in a challenging yet fulfilling career?

Do you feel good when you see others advance and reach their personal goals?

Then perhaps DSI is the employer for you!

The exciting thing about working at DSI is that there are many types of jobs that are needed to support those we serve.

Non-Degreed Positions:

These positions are generally considered entry level. The working environment could be in the individual's home, a group home, a community setting, or at the person's job site. These positions typically involve providing direct support and supervision to the individual with a disability.

Degreed Positions:

These positions typically require degrees in areas such as Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Special Education and other related fields. These jobs could entail the supervision of other employees or providing direct services to individuals and/or their families.

Administrative Support Positions:

To keep things running smoothly, DSI does employ individuals for clerical support as well as financial management support. Depending on the job and the department, these positions may be degreed or non-degreed.

Regardless of the job task or position, every employee is part of a unique and cohesive effort that has been praised and emulated by successful businesses, state and federal organizations and other professionals in the field.


Besides the opportunity to work in a professional yet comfortable setting, DSI offers many excellent benefits:

  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Paid training
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Paid Leave Time that increases with seniority
  • Paid Holiday Time
  • Health Insurance for Full Time Employees
  • 125K Flex Plan
  • Employer Paid Short Term Disability
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Employer Paid Worker's Compensation
  • Tax Shelter Annuity
  • Direct Deposit